Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dies-non Entry

Dies-non Entry

Dies-non Entry
1 Salary Matters>>>>Changes in the month>>> Batch Diesnon
2.Click on Dies non for previous month
3. Enter Month for which dies non to be worked out as “August” Year –“2012”
4. No. of  Days “1”
5.Month on which Dies non to be effected- “ September” 2012
6. Select Employees – Select Gazatted and Non gazetted employees of the office
7. Confirm
8. Take Service Matter>>>Leaves>>>Leave Entry: ( For Gazatted employees:  Leaves>>> Leaves Availed)
9. Enter Leave Type as Dies non and enter the date of diesnon and insert.
10. Take manually Drawn Menu>>>Month –“08/2012”
11. Encachment Date : Encashment date of the salary bill of the month of September
12. Select Regular and enter the basic pay, DA and HRA of one day with minus sign. ( If you are not entering this menu, DA Arrears will be wrong)

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