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Document writer's /Scribes Fee

The schedule to the Kerala Document Writers` License Rule 1960 specifies the following maximum fees leviable by Document writers and for the service rendered by any scribe attached to their Office (As amended by Notification No.L1/15679/2009 Dated 29.08.2009 with effect from 01.09.2009
i When the value or consideration specified in the document does not exceeds Rs. 7,500/- Rs. 400/-
ii When such value exceeds Rs. 7,500/- but does not exceed Rs. 12,500/- Rs. 500/-
iii When such value exceeds Rs. 12,500/- but does not exceed Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 600/-
iv When such value exceeds Rs. 20,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 30,000 Rs. 700/-
v When such value exceeds Rs. 30,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 50,000/- Rs. 900/-
vi When such value exceeds Rs. 50,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 75,000/- Rs. 1300/-
vii When such value exceeds Rs. 75,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000/- Rs. 1700/-
viii When such value exceeds Rs. 1,00,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 1,50,000/- Rs. 2000/-
ix When such value exceeds Rs. 1,50,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 2,00,000/- Rs. 3000/-
x When such value exceeds Rs. 2,00,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 3,00,000/- Rs. 4000/-
xi When such value exceeds Rs. 3,00,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 5,00,000/- Rs. 5000/-
xii When such value exceeds Rs. 5,00,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 700.000/- Rs. 6000/-
xiii When such value exceeds Rs. 7,00,000/- but does not exceed Rs. 8,00,000 /- Rs. 7000/-
xiv When such value exceeds Rs. 8,00,000/- Rs. 7500/-
xv For the preparation of a document falling under Article I(v) of the table of fees prescribed under section 78 of the Act. Rs. 200/-
xvi When the schedule of properties contains more than 5 items, besides the fees prescribed above, for every item or part therof an additional fee of Rs. 30/- may be levied
xvii In the case of the following documents,an additional fee of 25% on the fees specified in items(i) to (xv) may be levied.
1.Agreements relating to immovable property,
2.Agreements relating to deposit of title deeds, pawn or pledge,
3.Appointment of the execution of a power,
5.Chitty or Kuri Variola,
6.Composition deed,
8.Partenership including dissolution of partnership,
9.Settlement and

Scribes' Fee
Scribes` fee will be according to the number of pages copied by him. A fee of Rs. 10/- may be levied for every page or part of a page of the following documents, copied by him, namely (One page means a minimum of 100 words.
  • Original Documents
  • Duplicates
  • Pokkuvaravu and
  • Counterparts of documents
For true copies to be filed, uniform rate of Rs.20 for every page or part of a page of the copying sheets, subject to a minimum of Rs.30 may be levied. (One page means a minimum of 250 words).
A register in Form E and (2) a receipt book with counterfoil in Form F and shall give receipts for all moneys received on account of work connected with every document prepared by the Document Writer

The details of persons exempted from personal appearance before Sub Registrar

Serial No Name Govt. Order
1 The Chairman. City Improvement Trust, Trivandrum. GO(MS) 644/62 Dated 26/7/1962.
2 Official Receivers GO(MS) 469 Rev Dated 20/7/1964
3 Deputy Rubber Production Commissioner,Kottayam GO(MS) 653/64 Dated 30/9/1964.
4 Chairman of the Cochin Port Trust. GO(MS) 834/64 Dated 14/12/1964.
5 Sr. Divisional Manager L.I.C. of India, Trivandrum GO(MS) 933/RD Dated 22/10/1965.
6 Zonel Manager,Dy Zonal Manager L.I.C. of India GO(MS)125/RD Dated 25/2/1966.
7 Chairman. Kerala State Electricity Board. GO(MS) 679/66/RD Dated12/10/1966.
8 Chairman Rubber Board, Kottayam. GO(MS) 126/68/RD Dated 24/2/1968.
9 Director, Central Plantation Corporation Research Institute, Kasaragode GO(MS) 129/76 TD Dated 12/10/1976.
10 The Secretary ,Greater Cochin Development Authority GO(MS) 130/76/TD Dated 14/10/1976.
11 Registrar, University Of Kerala. GO(MS)481/69 Dated 22/9/1969
12 Executive Trustee, Cochin Town Planning Trust GO(MS)98/73 Dated 9/8/1973.
13 Regional Provident Fund Commissioer. GO(MS)49/72 Dated 22/9/1972
14 General Manager. KSRTC GO(MS) 137/74/TD Dated19/11/1974
15 Managing Dircetor , Kerala State Development Corporation for Sc/St Limited, Trissur GO(MS)40/83 Dated 4/8/1983.
16 Director of Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin GO(MS) 53/82/TD Dated26/8/1982.
17 Registrar, University of Calicut. GO(MS) 59/82/TD Dated 24/9/1982.
18 Chief Accounts Oficer, KSRTC GO(MS) 44/82/TD Dated29/3/1982
19 District Manager, FCI GO(MS) 102/82/TD dated 11/2/1982.
20 Chairman & Deputy Chairman, Cochin Port Trust GO(MS)56/83/TD Dated 5/9/1983.
21 Director, CentralMarine Fisheries Research Institute Cochin GO(MS)40/84 TD Dated 5/3/1884
22 Office of the security of the communication constitute under section 4 of the Kerala Public Mens Pre GO(MS) 129/84TD Dated 10/8/1984
23 Chief Engineer (Electricity General) KSEB GO(MS)179/89/TD Dated 28/11/1989
24 Chief Engineer (Civil General) KSEB -
25 Financial Adviser and Chief Accouts Officer.KSEB -
26 Secretary . KSEB -
27 Registrar, Kerala Agriculture University GO(MS) 12/83 TD Dated 15/2/1983
28 Secretary, Trivandrum Development Authorty GO(P)2/92 TD Dated 2/1/1992
29 Chariman and Secretary, Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board, Thiruvananthapuram GO(P)120/92/TD Dated23/6/1992
30 Managing Director, Kerala State Bamboo CorporationLimitted GO(P) 93/93 TD Dated 31/5/1993.
31 Secretary, Kottayam Development Authority GO(P) 168/93 TD Dated26/11/1993.
32 General Manager , Hindustan Latex Limitted. GO(P)35/94 TD Dated18/3/1994
33 Manager (P&A) Indian Rere EarthsLimited. GO(P)111/94/TD Dated 7/9/1994
34 Personal Manager Hindustan Insecticides Limited GO(P) 128/94/TD Dated 24/10/1994
35 Pricipal, Calicut Regional Engineering College. GO(P) 126/95 Td Dated 29/5/1995
36 MD Aruvikkara Farmers SCB NO.633. Trivandrum GO(P)132/95/TD Dated6/6/1995
37 GM, Palakkad District Co-Operative Bank GO(P)133/95 Dated 18/7/1995
38 Secreatry. Co Operative House Consrtuction and GO(P)174/95/TD Dated 18/7/1995
39 Mortgage Society Limited No W.T.12 ,Trivandrum -
40 Chief Engineer, Cochin Port Trust. GO(P) 106/96/TD Dated 8/7/1996
41 Director. Sree Chithira Thirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology, Trivanadrum GO(P) 42/97/TD Dated 20/3/1997
42 Managing Director, Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited GO(P) 130/97/TD Dated 16/10/1997
43 M.D, C.E. And Deputy C.E. Kerala State Water Authority GO(P)28/97 TD Dated 3/3/1997
44 Director, Central Tuber Crops Research Institute. GO(P) 37/99/TD Dated 26/2/99
45 Joint Director, Export Inspection Agency , Cochin GO(P)113/89/TD Dated 23/5/1989
46 Secretary , Trivandrum Development Autority GO(P) 110/87/TD Dated 30/10/1987
47 Development Manager. LIC of India, Ernakulam GO(MS)41/87/TD Dated 1/4/1987.
48 Dy. Manager (Admn), Ofice of the regional officer, FCI Trivandrum. FCI Trivandrum. GO(MS)36/87/TD Dated 22/4/1982GO(MS)36/87/TD Dated 22/4/1982
49 Chief Accounts officer. KSRTC GO(MS) 44/82/TD Dated 29/7/1982
50 Director,Central Plantation Corporation Research Institute, Kasaragode GO(MS)199/76 TD Dated 12/10/1976
51 Dy . Manager (Admn) Hindustan paper corporation Kottayam GO(MS)91/85/TD Dated27/7/1985.
52 DY. Manager (Admn) Regionel office FCI,TVPM GO(MS)98/73 TD Dated 9/8/1993
53 Dy.Manager (General) Regioal Office FCI, TVPM. GO(MS)41/86 Td Dated25/2/1986
54 The Secretary or any authorised Officer of the KSHB authorised in writing by the board in thjis rega Section 35(2) of the KSHB Act1971.
55 Registrar, Gandhiji University, Kottayam GO(MS)105/87/TD Dated27/10/1987.
56 Secretary, Coir Board, Ernakulam. GO(MS)64/88/Td Dated16/5/1988
57 Chairman, Coconut Development Board , Cochin. GO(MS)85/88 TD, Dated11/7/1988.
58 Regional Manager, FCI. Trivandrum GO(MS)40/86 TD Dated 23/3/1986
59 KFC Officers GO(MS) 144/85/TD Dated12.11.1989.
60 MD, Kerala State Development Corporation For Christian Converts for SC/ST, Kottayam GO(MS) 184/89 TD Dated 6/8/1998.
61 Secretarty, Kerala Police Housing Co-Operative Socoety Limited No: 4348, Ernakulam GO(MS) 115/98 TD Dated 6/8/1998
62 Director, Managing Director, Secretary or other officers of the Agriculture Development Co-Operativ Section 36(!) of the Kerala State Rural Development Bank Act 1984
63 Managing Director, Bekal Resort Development Corporation Limited, Thiruvananthapuram GO(P) 107/99/TD Dated 22/7/1999
64 Chief Executive Officer and Secretary, Kerala Wakf Board, Cochin GO(P)48/2000/TD Dated 27/3/2000
65 Registrar. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin GO(P)20/2000/TD Dated 24/2/2000


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