Tuesday, 16 April 2013

LDC- Clerk UDC- Senior Clerk

Re-designation of the post Of Lower Division Clerk and Upper Division Clerk

                    Government are pleased to re-designate the Post of Lower Division Clerk and Upper Division Clerk in the State Government service as Clerk and Senior Clerk respectively subject to the following conditions.
 (i) The ratio between  Clerk and Senior Clerk will continue as 1: 1
(ii) The duties and responsibilities attached to the posts will continue as such.
(iii) There will be no change in the existing scale of pay of the posts even after re-designation.
(iv) Corresponding changes will be made by the concerned departments in the Special rules of the departments:
                 The schedule of posts under Common category below Annexure-XII - at pages 91 and 92 of Pay Revision Order read above will stand modified accordingly.


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